Artist’s Statement

“Nature is the Greatest Artist”

Our planet is around a billion years old, and most of it is made of rock. The Navajo Indians say that rocks are the keepers of secrets. They hold their secrets very close. What I do is take very high resolution photographs of very small rocks, frequently 1 inch or less in diameter. I blow them up very large, printing them with archival, pigment based inks, on canvas or museum grade paper. I then work on some of the canvas prints with acrylic paints, bringing a 3 dimensional quality to them, bringing them alive.

I have always been a rock collector. I love rocks and crystals. Sometimes I almost feel like I can hear them whisper to me. The vast majority of these rocks I found myself, here in Marin county California. They were small, dusty, and hidden, the ones that you pass by on hiking trails and never notice. My work is to show you their beauty, and their secrets.

Aaron Krug

Rock Artist -Photographer, Painter