Artist’s Statement

“Nature is the greatest artist”

I have always loved rocks. As a kid, I used to collect rocks I would find on family vacations. I am from Brooklyn New York, where when you look down, you mostly see concrete, or sometimes grass, but very few rocks. Now I look for small dusty rocks hiding in plain sight. Rocks you pass by on hiking trails and never notice. About 90% of the ones I use in my art, I found in California. The geological diversity here is amazing and I believe, unique. I have heard that the Navajo Indians say that rocks are the keepers of secrets. My job is to show you their beauty, and their secrets.

My Original Paintings are Mixed Media. (Photography and Acrylic Paint) on stretched Canvas. Each one is unique and brings the work to a new 3 dimensional level. My prints are made with completely Archival materials. I use Museum Grade Paper and Pigment Based Inks, to make Giclee Prints that will last for many decades. I am also happy to create a print to your specifications. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Peace my friends